Get Mad and Get Over it!

I have to give my wife credit for this one. But I remember her reading an autobiography by Colin Powell a number of years ago. Deep within the text from this great leader he shared some of his life principles. One of those simply stated that he would: “Get mad and then get over it!” I’ve thought about that statement over the years. If we’re honest we can admit that most if not all of us have gotten really mad in ministry. In those occasions there can be a dangerous tendency to think that because we’re ministers or pastors we should be in better control of our emotions. Sometimes we think that if we’re really mature we would be beyond that. But on the other hand, when we allow those emotions to fester deep within our souls they can become septic and actually destroy not only our witness as leaders, but our own souls as well. Powell’s point is that if we quickly deal with the emotion and whatever issue is driving it, we can once and for all settle it. Too many times Christ followers and even pastors have been slowed down in the race with weights of bitterness and un-forgiveness around their ankles. These unresolved emotions can also turn into depression with physical side effects if not dealt with. But when the issues are resolved and buried, we can go forward unencumbered. Continue reading


Liberating Ministry From The Success Syndrome (Book Reviews)

Welcome to our first installment of “Book Reviews”.  I know I’m not the only one out there in ministry who has been blessed by a book recommendation before.    In fact, I still carry with me one or two jewels that came my way from mentors when we headed to Russia right out of college.  So I know that recommendations can be helpful.  That’s what we want to do here in this category of Healthy Pastors.  To launch this section, I’m including a review that was actually done by my wife.  I’ve got a number of “To Read” books on my desk and Debi snagged this one before I got to it.  But from the snippets she read me, I think this work address a huge need to ministers and pastors today.  You can also order through the links we put here.  If you have read this book or can speak on the subject, feel free to chime in.  Enjoy! Continue reading