My name is Steve Hinton and I’ve been in some form of professional ministry for quite a while now and I’d be the first to tell you that it’s a hard gig at times.  By professional ministry, I’m not talking about a mere career path that one takes, but a calling on one’s life.  For me it means that I am called to what I do the same way a surgeon is called to Medicine.  I don’t do it for a pay check, though it’s nice when I get one, I do it because it is who I am. There are many joys in this calling.  But there are many heart aches and trials as well.  So the purpose of this site is to support those with a full-time ministry calling in their lives.  Our main author for Healthy Pastors is a guy named Tom Salter from California.  I met Tom when we did a church plant in the Nor Cal a few years ago.  Tom has a huge heart for pastors and he is actually the brain child for this page.  Another author is a very good friend of mine going all the way back to my college days.  Todd Owen has had experience on the foreign mission field, the located church ministry, and is presently directing discipleship and care for missionaries with New Mission Systems International.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. If we have healthy pastors, will that lead to healthy churches? There is a another goal for improving the health of the church worldwide. Have at it, boys! More soon. Maranatha!

    • Ken, wonderful to hear from you. There is a whole world of wisdom you have from your years in the trenches of ministry. PLEASE feel free to stop by any time and share.

  2. So, what makes for a healthy pastor? There are ALL the normal, Christian and Biblical things that most all church members could rattle off. “A healthy pastor is a man of the Word and of prayer!!!!” No argument there, but why then do so many struggle? Part of it is their individual faith in the God they claim to serve. The last 18 months of our ministry life have not been roses. WE (my wife and I) have been challenged to our cores. There have been some dark moments for me personally. Instead of quitting or some other normal human reaction, there is this haunting reality that keeps me going: I personally believe that the tomb of Jesus was empty after three days. I do more than preach it, I can’t get around it, so my present troubles really don’t mean that much – REALLY!!! (Okay, here is the time to quote a passage: I Peter 3-9) Brothers, how much do you believe in the empty tomb? If that FACT is at your core, then no other person can touch you. You and I are allowed a bad day once in a while, be we can’t stay there. Jesus had a bad day on the cross, but He didn’t stay there, nor did He stay DEAD. We shouldn’t either. Maranatha!

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